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About the “LIFE with ART” project…

The LIFE with ART project deals with broad themes in today’s artistic expression, asking the question of “how to regard today’s world”, which is investigated by joint artists of the “art of intervention”; art that intervenes in “personal memories” and “public society”. In particular, the project broadly investigates the act of presenting “personal memories” that passed through the body of performing arts to a “public” place, always making the “personal” cross swords with the “other”, i.e. the act of “art” intervening in “society”.

In the LIFE with ART project artists and scholars work together, confronting the realities surrounding society and the individual, and consider together with other people the relation of art and society in the future by presenting memories and realities, the borderline between life and death, and the cultural identities of what artists must do and what “realities” artists are aiming for. Hereby, it aims to lead to proposals of possibilities for art to conceive a new society.

“The art of intervention” investigates how today’s performative arts can intervene in society. For this purpose, “personal memory” and “public memory” are important concepts. The inescapability of the new global scale brought by globalization and late capitalist society forces upon us difficult questions about the meanings of nation, state and transnational identities and the possibilities of personal existence in advanced capitalist societies. They surface in the discrepancy between “personal memory” and “public memory”. Art that has no view on the “public” loses its reality and can probably not even deal with major topics regarding the problems faced by today’s societies. Artists consider through numerous “personal memories” how to create and how to share with others work that “intervenes” in society.